Wanderer Theme Documentation

Sample Data and Child Theme Download

Use the links below to download the sample data file and child theme for this theme.

NOTE: WordPress does not provide import functionality for theme options, custom fields, required plugins, or other settings. This means that you will need to configure your theme options after importing the demo content.

Download theme sample data file
Download Child theme

Theme Options Panel

Wanderer is integrated with the WordPress theme Customizer (Appearance > Customize), giving you easy control over Wanderer's various options.

Using the Theme Customizer
  1. Within your WordPress admin, expand the “Appearance” tab, then select “Customize”.
  2. Click on the tab titled Journal Customizer Options.
  3. Your customizer options include: Colors, Logos, User, Featured Category, Featured Image Opacity, Social Media, Footer
  1. Colors
    • Primary color allows you to customize most of the header text across the site. Default #666666
    • Secondary color allows you to customize your basic link color. Default #87b54e
  2. Logos
    • You can upload a custom logo or choose to use the Site Title instead (standard upload process.)
    • Choose a custom favicon (standard upload process)
  3. User
    • In most cases, you’ll have only one user. But if not, you are able to choose from a dropdown list which user will appear in the slide-in sidebar as well as the posts. To set up your display name, within the WordPress admin, expand Users and click on ‘All Users’ Choose the user you’d like to edit and scroll down to the dropdown titled ‘Display name publicly as’ Choose how you would like your name displayed in the sidebar slide-in. Note: The user image is the user’s gravatar. So if you don’t currently have one, we recommend going to https://en.gravatar.com/ and signing. This is where you will be able to associate emails to custom profile images.
  4. Featured Category
    • Upon creating categories, you can designate which category is your ‘Featured’ category. Featured posts will appear on the homepage in the main banner area. Note: Wanderer allows only one post to be selected as featured. After choosing what category is featured, Upon saving the post, all other posts marked as ‘featured’ will be removed from that category.
  5. Featured Image Opacity
    • This area allows you to customize the overlay opacity on the featured header images. Note: This option is global, so it will affect all the featured header images throughout the site. You can scale the opacity levels as well as change the opacity color.
  6. Social Media
    • Add your social media urls/links and the icons appear in the sidebar under your gravatar. Supported social networks include: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram
  7. Footer
    • Toggle the Press75 support text
    • Add your own text to the footer.