Setting Up For Dashboard Theme Updates

Dashboard theme updates make updating your theme a trivial task: just click 'update now' under Appearance > Themes, with no need to mess around with theme download plugins or FTP. If there is an update available for your theme you'll see a notice like the following under Appearance > Themes:

Important: With this update Child Themes become a requirement if you plan on modifying your theme. If you modify your theme directly, and update, your modifications will be lost! We provide a starter child theme in all our doc pages, for example (substitute 'tv-elements' with the name of your theme).

To take advantage of dashboard theme updates, you'll need to input your theme license key under Settings > Press75, in your WordPress admin. The theme license key screen appears as follows:

You will need to input your license key, click Save Changes, then Activate License, followed by Save Changes a second time. Your license key can be retrieved from your account page, under the Orders & Licenses tab:

Simply click 'View Licenses', and you will be taken to an index of your available licenses.

If you are using a version of your theme that was released prior to September 30th, 2016, then please keep in mind that you will need to manually update your existing theme version before you can take advantage of dashboard updates. Please see Updating Your Theme Manually for instructions on manual theme updates.