Attache Theme Documentation

Sample Data and Child Theme Download

Use the links below to download the sample data file and child theme for this theme.

NOTE: WordPress does not provide import functionality for theme options, custom fields, required plugins, or other settings. This means that you will need to configure your theme options after importing the demo content.

Download theme sample data file
Download Child theme

Theme Options Panel

Attache is integrated with the WordPress theme Customizer (Appearance > Customize), giving you easy control over Attache's various options.

Appearance > Customize > Colors

Here you will find Attache’s color options. These include settings for the theme’s header text, background, and primary (font and link color) and secondary elements (headline text).

Appearance > Customize > Header Image

This option allows you to upload a header image (or logo) to the upper left portion of the Attache theme’s left sidebar.

Appearance > Customize > Attache Theme > General

Enable Infinite Scroll. If you would rather have infinite scroll instead of pagination, enable this options.

Hide Single Post Meta. Enable this option if you want to hide your post meta info (post date, author information, etc.) when viewing single post items.

Appearance > Customize > Attache Theme > Socials

Here you will find options to add links to various social media profiles including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

Appearance > Customize > Attache Theme > Footer

Custom Footer Text. This option allows you to display your own footer text in place of the theme’s default footer attribution text.