Balanced Theme Documentation

Sample Data and Child Theme Download

Use the links below to download the sample data file and child theme for this theme.

NOTE: WordPress does not provide import functionality for theme options, custom fields, required plugins, or other settings. This means that you will need to configure your theme options after importing the demo content.

Download theme sample data file
Download Child theme

Theme Options Panel

Balanced is integrated with the WordPress theme Customizer (Appearance > Customize), giving you easy control over the TV Elements' various options.

Creating a 'Home' page:

To create Balanced's home page, navigate to Pages > Add New, and create a new page. In the ‘Page Attributes’ meta box, choose ‘Home’ from the ‘Template’ dropdown.
Update the page by clicking the ‘Update’ button in the right hand sidebar in the ‘Publish’ meta box.

Once your home page has been created, you'll need to

  1. Navigation to Settings->Reading
  2. Select the ‘A static page’ radio button in the ‘Front page displays’ area
  3. For the front page, select ‘Home’ from the dropdown.
  4. You can leave Posts page blank.
  5. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button

Theme Options Panel (Appearance > Customize)

Site Title & Tagline:
Add a site title and tagline and choose whether nor not you want to display it using the checkbox below both text fields. Note: If logo exists, the custom title and tagline will not display.

The color option only affects the button text color in the top banner. Default is white.

Header Image:
If you would rather have an image display instead of a video, click the Header Image bar to display the image uploader. Click on ‘Add new image’ to open the media library modal. Select or upload new image (recommends a header size of 1200 × 600pixels.) and click ’Select and Crop’. This will add an image below your navigation on the homepage.

Note: If you already have a video url set in Appearance->Customize->Balanced, Then you must remove the video url for your banner image to display. Also, since mobile doesn’t support the video, on a mobile device, the banner image will display, so it is important to set you banner image even if you don’t want it to display on desktop.

Upload a logo (We recommend using SVG format) by clicking on the ‘Logos’ tag which will display the uploader for both he custom logo and favicon. Click the ‘Select Image’ button and this will bring up the media library modal. Click on the image you’d like to display and click the ‘Choose Image’ button. To remove the image, click the ‘Remove’ button and start the process over again.

Homepage Options:
Click the Homepage Options tab to show the available options. If you want to display a video, first, upload a mp4 video to your media library. Make sure your media library allows for image/video files above the standard 1MB. If not, change it in your settings or search online for the best available options to do so. After uploading your video to the media library, click on the video. This will open a modal with the video and the meta in the right sidebar. Copy the URL and navigate back to the Customize. Appearance->Customize->Balanced->Homepage Options. Past the the URL of the video in the Featured Video mp4. Some browsers will only support the ogg format, so there is an available space to add another video as a fallback. Most browsers will use the mp4 format.

Featured Button:
Add a featured button text by adding Text in the textbook.
Add a featured button link by adding a url in the box below title ‘Featured Button Link’

Featured Page:
Choose from the dropdown (Must create pages first) which page you want to display on the homepage below the video/image banner.
On the page you choose to be pulled on the homepage, use the custom excerpt field for content to be displayed. This can be activated by clicking ‘Screen Options’ in the top right hand corner of the Edit Page screen. This will display box with options. Check the ‘Excerpt’ box. This will add a custom excerpt box below the main content editor for you to add a custom excerpt.

Display Posts or Portfolio:
Choose which Posts you want to show up below the Featured Page: Options include Posts or Portfolio

Check the box if you want the author info to display on single posts. Authors appear below main content on single posts.


On-scroll Animation Options:
Choose which animation you’d like to fire on scroll. These animations will appear on the homepage and the blog feed.

Enable Animations on mobile:
Choose whether or not you want animations to load on mobile.

Social Media:
Add your social media urls in the text fields. This will display the social media icons in both the footer and the off-canvas navigation


Add custom copyright text to the footer. Appears next the branding.

Show branding checkbox: Choose whether or not you want the Press75 branding to display.

Adding a Portfolio

Add a new page and in the right hand sidebar in the ‘Page Attributes’ metabox, choose ‘Portfolio’ from the ‘Template’ dropdown.
Update the page by clicking the ‘Update’ button in the right hand sidebar in the ‘Publish’ metabox.
This will assign the portfolio template to this page so it will display the gallery.

To add portfolio items to the gallery:

  1. Click the Portfolio link from the left hand admin navigation. Choose ‘Add New’. Add a title, content, a featured image.
  2. Portfolio custom meta can be found below the featured image in the right hand sidebar. Options include: Client Name, Date of Project, External URL. In the ‘Filter’ metabox, select which category the portfolio item is attached to.
  3. Update the page by clicking the ‘Update’ button in the right hand sidebar in the ‘Publish’ metabox.
  4. These portfolio items will now populate the Portfolio page you assigned the Portfolio template to.